High-speed ADF scanning for hundreds less

You need to scan a lot of paper. But you’d rather not spend a ton of it. We’ve got a professional-grade solution that fulfills both those wishes. Introducing the Ambir ImageScan Pro 930u and 940u, the newest additions to our comprehensive line of digital document scanners. These are our biggest and baddest models yet. They’re … Continue reading

Card scanners or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ditch the Copier

If you own or work at a medical practice, chances are you’ve got a point of admissions area or reception desk. Hopefully, you’ve hired a friendly face who greets patients and clients with a smile and helpful expediency. They make them feel at ease. Maybe they offer coffee and a welcoming assurance that someone will … Continue reading

Ambir, SOAPware team up for joint venture

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with SOAPware, an industry leader in EMR and practice management solutions. It puts smiles on our faces when we can work with the health IT solutions we’re trying to connect practices to, across the country. SOAPware forms digital image capture partnership with Ambir Technology New joint venture brings … Continue reading

How To: Scan directly to Google Docs

It’s time to get even more work done in the cloud. A few posts ago, we outlined step-by-step instructions for scanning directly to Evernote. Today, we’ll go over how to scan straight to Google Docs – via an easy and useful feature within Presto! PageManager 9, which comes bundled with many Ambir document scanners. Let’s … Continue reading

Scanning the field: Finding the imaging device for you

You need to scan documents. Or photos or business cards or receipts. That’s easy. Lots of devices that can do that. But which scanner is right for you? The good news is, it won’t be hard to figure out. There are a few key questions to ask: -What will you be scanning? -How much of … Continue reading

5 Ways Network Scanning Can Connect (and Improve) Your Business

With a new year comes a new business solution. Organizations today are totally connected to the world around them. They’re linked to their customers, their competition, and their media outlets. But it seems as if too many organizations employ scanning solutions that fail to even connect their own offices. Scanning and backup should be easy. … Continue reading

Two ways to scan directly to Evernote

  Evernote is one of the fastest-growing ways to get organized. It’s a complete software suite that helps the user make “notes” (which can be anything – handwritten reminders, receipts or newly-created content) to stay on top of life. Remember: An elephant never forgets. It’s also available on PC, Mac and all of the major … Continue reading

EzeScan: A new way to organize and integrate

Medical practices and businesses are digitizing their paper documents faster than ever before. Whether through EMR, SharePoint, EDRMS suites, or other solutions, organizations want their information quickly and digitally. So how does Ambir fit in? What are we bringing to the table? As a document management solutions company, we’re striving to bring the easiest ways … Continue reading