7 Tips for Scanning in the Legal World

Law firms and legal departments know the massive amounts of work it takes to digitize and organize mountains of data for eDiscovery and internal archiving. With eDiscovery and PACER eFiling requirements, you’ve hopefully seen the value of electronically-stored information. Besides the obvious pros of freeing up room in the office and eliminating clutter, digitizing paper … Continue reading

Ambir Technology to Showcase the Paperless Firm at ABA TechShow

Elmhurst, IL [March 19, 2012]—Megafirms, small firms, solo practitioners and in-house counsel are all looking to Ambir Technology, a leader in digital capture solutions, to aid them  in the increasingly paperless  legal world. In addition to exhibiting their full line of products at the ABA TechShow this month, Ambir Technology will present their new high-speed … Continue reading

Why good document management is like making a sandwich

You’re probably thinking, “What’s this all about? I like to keep work and lunch separate.” But there’s some truth to it. If you think about your document workflow as if you’re crafting a delicious sandwich, it just might simplify some of the confusion. It also might make you hungry. Let’s make a sandwich. Of course, start … Continue reading

The ImageScan Pro 940u: It scans a lot!

Question: How much can a scanner really improve my medical practice/law firm/ small office’s workflow? Answer: With the ImageScan Pro 940u, you’ll see marked increases in speed and efficiency in imaging processes, no matter what you do. We guarantee it. The 940u scans 100 pages at a time. That’s as many pages as there are … Continue reading