SharePoint 101: How to Upload Docs Faster

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management solution that connects employees. Truly a collaborative platform, SharePoint allows users to share information, manage documents and cooperate on large-scale projects. SharePoint was initially launched in 2001, and has since become an extremely popular method for businesses to connect their employees and streamline their processes. And just under a … Continue reading

Ambir Technology at 2012 SOAPware User Meeting

Ambir Technology to Showcase Digital Content Solutions at SOAPware User Meeting Joint venture offers SOAPware users the best in digital imaging for their medical practices. Elmhurst, IL [March 26, 2012}—Ambir Technology, one of SOAPware’s newest partners, will showcase their full line of scanners at the SOAPware User Meeting (SUM) May 31-June 3. Ambir Technology’s scanners … Continue reading

3 Ways Remote Scanning Will Transform Your Office

Server-based computing is improving how efficiently and effectively we work. This is especially true when it comes to complex network environments, remote desktop operations and telecommuting operations. Terminal services technology is evolving in kind, enabling mission critical business processes like remote scanning to enhance operational workflow and productivity, and that can boost the bottom line. … Continue reading

Video: Calibrating your ImageScan Pro ADF scanner

We’ve had quite a few requests for instructions on calibrating an Ambir ImageScan Pro ADF scanner. So we whipped up a little video that shows how. Enjoy.

Friday Quick Tip: How to calibrate your Ambir ADF scanner

Calibrating your Ambir ImageScan Pro series scanner is a simple, 3 step process. Step 1: Click “Start”, then click “All Programs”. Step 2: Find the “Ambir ImageScan Pro…” folder in the All Programs list, then click on the Calibration Wizard. Step 3: Have either the calibration sheet that came with the scanner or a blank … Continue reading

Need to download an Ambir driver? Here’s how.

You need a new driver for your Ambir scanner. Maybe you got a new computer. Maybe you inherited a new scanner. Whatever your reason, here’s how to do it: Step 1: Head to Step 2: Click “Support”. Step 3: Select your device from the scanners pictured. If you don’t see your scanner, continue to … Continue reading

How can TWAIN work for you?

The words “plug & play” are usually welcome when it comes to hardware. But what makes something work that well? If you’ve ever used a scanner or digital camera that just seemed to work, chances are it came with loaded with a TWAIN driver. The TWAIN driver came about in 1992, as an answer to … Continue reading