How can TWAIN work for you?

The words “plug & play” are usually welcome when it comes to hardware. But what makes something work that well? If you’ve ever used a scanner or digital camera that just seemed to work, chances are it came with loaded with a TWAIN driver. The TWAIN driver came about in 1992, as an answer to … Continue reading

The History of Documents

We deal a lot in documents. So we figured we’d take a look at the history of the paper document. Long before Gutenberg perfected his famous press, humans were communicating with paper missives. Here’s a look at the absolute oldest: The world’s oldest known document is a topic for discussion and debate, but one popular … Continue reading

Quick Tip: How to Disable Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection

The ImageScan Pro 930 and 940 models come equipped with Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection, which prevents jams and misfeeds while scanning paper documents. However, due to the thickness of identification and insurance cards, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection may interrupt feeding. To disable Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection to scan cards, follow these steps: 1. Open AmbirScan ADF by navigating … Continue reading

EzeScan & Alfresco: Quicker Upload, Faster Access to Your Data

Alfresco is a relatively young and very free enterprise content management (ECM) software. Complete with a refreshingly simple, informative website, Alfresco offers businesses document management, web content management, workflow solutions, and various other tools. Businesses have a ton of content (documents, customer information, invoices, standard forms, tax records, building deeds, leases, expense reports – you … Continue reading