5 Ways to Finally Get Rid of Your Paper

Bulk scanning. This one is obvious. The good news is, it’s also very simple. When you scan, paper is taken out of the equation. It’s just… gone. Quit wading through piles of bills, memos and important documents trying to find what you’re looking for. End by scanning all of it – once and for all. … Continue reading

Creating digital business cards with BizCard 6

Looking to scan your collection of business cards? It’s easy to digitize your Rolodex with Presto! BizCard 6. Instead of loose, disorganized cards, you’ll have tidy, indexed digital copies. BizCard pulls key information from the business cards like Name, Title, Email Address, Phone Number and Street Address with an OCR engine and files the cards away … Continue reading

Creating Document Types for Quick e-Signing

Creating different document types for PDFs and archiving them is simple with signoSign 2, standard with every Ambir ImageSign Pro e-signature pad. Here’s an in-depth tutorial video that shows how to integrate quick, intelligent signing into your workflow.

A note to developers

We love developers. When someone takes Ambir hardware and tailor-fits it to their system, it means we’re doing something right. That’s why we offer thorough developer kits for our scanners and signature pads. When you want deep integration into your application, Ambir provides exactly what you need with comprehensive SDKs and APIs for: All sheetfed … Continue reading