Real Paperless Solutions

It’s easy to say, “I’m going paperless.” It’s harder to take the first steps toward completing your green goal. Here’s the simple way we like to think about it: We mainly use paper for financial records (bank statements, bills, receipts) and for signing things (contracts, release forms). Luckily, we’ve got solutions for both, and they fit any budget.

Click each picture to learn more. And get to organizing your paperless life today!

Sheetfed & Wand Scanners

Compact and simple to use, sheetfed scanners offer the most budget-friendly way to scan receipts, bills and more.


Perfect for: Business cards, receipts


Perfect for: Two-sided cards, receipts


Perfect for: Full-size documents, receipts, business cards


Perfect for: Two-sided documents, business cards, receipts


Perfect for: Documents, receipts, business cards, blueprints, posters, schematics, and anything too big for a flatbed scanner

High-Speed Document Scanners

Automatic scanning cuts down on your paper quickly, and with little to no work from you. Just load up one of our ImageScan Pro models, and it does the rest.


20 pages per minute


30 pages per minute. Ultrasonic misfeed detection.

930-940_600x460_new (1)

40 pages per minute. Ultrasonic misfeed detection.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  eSignature Capture Pads

Print. Sign. Scan. Skip the extra steps and sign PDF and Word documents in seconds with the ImageSign Pro series and signoSign 2.


4″ backlit display


5″ color backlit display


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