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Ambir will add enhanced SDK support and online forum to existing software developer program 

Elmhurst, IL [April 15, 2013]- Ambir Technology, a leader in digital image capture solutions, is launching a number of enhancements to their software developer program. The program will now include comprehensive SDK kits for more Ambir products, along with an online support forum to serve as a resource for developers.

The online forums will offer Ambir developers the opportunity to communicate with one another about Ambir-related projects, as well as obtain answers from Ambir’s own development team.

“We feel the new support forum will offer our developers a unique, exciting experience,” said Mike O’Leary, CEO of Ambir Technology. “Developers will now be able to share their ideas and receive direct support from Ambir experts.”

Ambir software development kits give developers the tools they need to create custom imaging settings, output formats, and user interfaces, allowing them to tailor the software to their organization’s specific needs. Developers can request a kit here.

Ambir Technology is also releasing SDKs and APIs for their ImageSign Pro line of electronic signature pads. These SDKs and APIs will give developers total control of the signature capabilities, allowing for fast signing of documents and seamless integration with their systems.

Contact:   Brian Ridge

Ambir Technology



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