Collecting patient information: Three things we’ve learned

In today’s electronic healthcare world, it’s impossible to avoid the progress that comes with Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act. We’re here to make the transition from paper to digital easier with great digital imaging products. Here are three things we’ve learned from working closely with EMR companies and practices alike:

  1. Get the right scanner for the job: At reception, space is probably at a premium. In turn, the easiest way to capture patient insurance and identification cards is on a small sheetfed scanner. Ambir offers both document-size and card-size sheetfed models. They interface directly with leading EMR and practice management solutions, so collecting patient information is a snap.

Ambir DS687 card scanner

  1. It’s easier to collect digital signatures: There’s an easier way to get patient signatures. Ditch the printing, signing with ink and scanning for a straight-to-digital solution with the ImageSign Pro eSignature series. These pads also interface with EMR and PM systems, allowing for on-the-spot, legally-admissible signing.

Ambir ImageSign Pro 200

  1. Nothing beats speed: For scanning your existing shelves of paper records, there’s a cost-effective, fast solution: the ImageScan Pro ADF series. For backroom scanning tasks, there’s no better way than capturing files at 40 pages per minute and storing them securely in your server.
Ambir ImageScan Pro 930u

Ambir ImageScan Pro 930u


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