Connect with Ambir and finally get organized.

The ImageScan Pro 820i is a super-quick, portable scanning machine. We thought we’d show what it can do in just six seconds. Imagine what its 50-page capacity and snappy 20-page-per-minute scan speed can do for your productivity over time. Check out Ambir Technology on Vine, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook today! We’re always posting tips, tutorials and … Continue reading

Customer support done right.

This is a simple story, but one that isn’t told very often: a story about a positive customer support experience. Demetrius Robinson is an Ambir customer. Quite some time ago, Demetrius purchased an Ambir scanner. It worked well for quite some time, and the purchase seemed to justify itself. But one day, something went awry, and the … Continue reading

Three reasons why digital signatures are better than ink

We do everything digitally these days. So why still sign using old-fashioned paper and ink when official, safe digital signatures can be put on PDFs in literally seconds. Ideal for the places you collect client or customer signatures, Ambir signature pads are at home on reception desks or in the travel bags of mobile pros. … Continue reading