Three reasons why digital signatures are better than ink

We do everything digitally these days. So why still sign using old-fashioned paper and ink when official, safe digital signatures can be put on PDFs in literally seconds. Ideal for the places you collect client or customer signatures, Ambir signature pads are at home on reception desks or in the travel bags of mobile pros. Here are five more reasons why electronic signatures are better than paper and ink:

  1. They’re legally-binding. The federal E-sign Act of 2001 legitimizes several different types of digital signatures, all of which hold up in a court of law.
  2. They’re safer to work with. For anyone who misplaces things or isn’t the world’s most organized individual, going paperless is a great way to keep things under control and exactly where you’d like them. And when you’re dealing with important contracts or release forms, better safe than sorry.
  3. They’re cheaper. After buying a legitimate signing solution, you can save on paper, ink and postage. And besides that, you’ll save on physical filing solutions and storage space. Not to mention the increased productivity: electronic signatures mean fewer trips to the printer, the fax machine and the mailbox.
Ambir ImageSign Pro 110

Ambir ImageSign Pro 110


Ambir offers the ImageSign Pro eSignature pads paired with signoSign 2 software for a totally secure, completely reliable digital signature workflow solution. Create and reuse document templates for the forms you sign the most, and send signatures to QuickBooks, email, straight-to-file and more.

Ambir ImageSign Pro 200

Ambir ImageSign Pro 200

For industries that rely on records like health care, law and government, electronic signatures are perfect. Ambir has a solutions team dedicated to providing any organization with the best digital solution for their needs.


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