How UltraSonic Misfeed Detection saves you time.

Tax prep professionals know the importance of getting it right – down to the smallest detail. So when neatness counts, you shouldn’t trust just any scanner with your multi-page documents. Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 900 series comes complete with a feature called Ultrasonic Misfeed Detection that stops double-feeds and skipped pages. Imagine this scenario: You’ve prepared a client’s … Continue reading

Passport and ID scanning made simple

If you’re in an industry like visitor management, hospitality, equipment rental, financial services or even gaming & nightclubs, you need clear images of ID’s and passports, fast. The ImageScan Pro 580id gives you just that – using on-board ARM-based CPU and camera technology, you get the fastest ID card and passport imaging available, at 2 … Continue reading

Creating digital business cards with BizCard 6

Looking to scan your collection of business cards? It’s easy to digitize your Rolodex with Presto! BizCard 6. Instead of loose, disorganized cards, you’ll have tidy, indexed digital copies. BizCard pulls key information from the business cards like Name, Title, Email Address, Phone Number and Street Address with an OCR engine and files the cards away … Continue reading