Passport and ID scanning made simple

If you’re in an industry like visitor management, hospitality, equipment rental, financial services or even gaming & nightclubs, you need clear images of ID’s and passports, fast. The ImageScan Pro 580id gives you just that – using on-board ARM-based CPU and camera technology, you get the fastest ID card and passport imaging available, at 2 seconds per scan. Get rid of prolonged scan times and costly maintenance with the tried-and-true simplicity of the ImageScan Pro 580id.


Using a normal flatbed scanner will leave you with watermarks and holograms when scanning official ID’s, and they typically take about 10x longer than the 580id to scan. The ImageScan Pro 580id uses an infrared filter to clear up these image-obscuring results. Besides that, the ImageScan Pro 580id has the durability to stand up to the highest-volume areas. With a lack of moving parts, you can capture passports and IDs for a long time to come. Take care of your customers in an orderly, efficient manner.

You may be wondering how this will fit into your existing systems. Well, with an industry-standard TWAIN imaging driver, the ImageScan Pro 580id is compatible with thousands of third-party software applications, and perhaps more importantly, provides an unrestricted development platform for system builders and kiosk providers.

When it’s crucial to do so, keep a copy of important visitor, customer or client information for your records. And don’t slow down your processes to do so. Protect your business or agency with the time-tested reliability of the ImageScan Pro 580id today. And be sure to check out Ambir’s other great card scanners for quick capture of business cards, driver’s licenses, and more.


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