How UltraSonic Misfeed Detection saves you time.

Tax prep professionals know the importance of getting it right – down to the smallest detail. So when neatness counts, you shouldn’t trust just any scanner with your multi-page documents. Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 900 series comes complete with a feature called Ultrasonic Misfeed Detection that stops double-feeds and skipped pages.


Imagine this scenario: You’ve prepared a client’s taxes (or several clients’ taxes), and it’s time to scan. You load them in your automatic-feeding scanner, press Scan, and go grab a fresh cup of coffee. When you come back to your desk, you’re ready to take on the next task on your to-do list, because all 60 pages have been scanned.

Or have they?

It’s easy to assume they’ve all been digitized, but if you come back to that multi-page PDF later and only find 52 pages, it’s clear something went wrong. So now you have to dig up that old file, figure out which pages weren’t scanned, and scan them again. It’s a hassle.

That’s the problem with automatic scanners without misfeed detection – if something goes wrong, it just keeps scanning. You’re left with incomplete documents – and more work than you started with. But when a feed error occurs with the ImageScan Pro 900 series, the scanner lets you know, allowing you to fix it quickly and keep scanning.

Save time and gain peace of mind by scanning correctly the first time. The ImageScan Pro 900 series comes in 30 and 40 page-per-minute models, both of which can handle up to 100 legal- or letter-size pages at a time. Don’t waste time with automatic scanners that aren’t smart enough to keep up with your demanding profession. Get complete control over your batch scanning with the ImageScan Pro 900 series.


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