Introducing the MobileScan Pro 500i. Totally wireless scanning and transfer.

The MobileScan Pro 500i is our newest scanner, complete with an onboard display, SD storage, a rechargeable battery, and most importantly – Wi-Fi capability. That means you can gain instant access to all of your scans from all your computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s our most advanced portable scanner ever. It even has its own iOS and Android app, AmbirScan Mobile. But how exactly can Wi-Fi work for you?


Transfer scans to ALL your devices.

With a built-in wireless network, you can instantly send images of documents, receipts, business cards and more to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Simply connect to the MobileScan Pro 500i’s secure network and sync. There’s no need for any cords. It’s easy: your files, wherever you want them.

Send files to the cloud.

With AmbirScan Mobile, sending files to Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox and other cloud services is a snap. In the touch of one button on your smartphone or tablet, time-sensitive and otherwise important documents are shared to your cloud app of choice. From paper to the cloud in seconds.

Share your scans.

With wireless capability, you have options when it comes to sharing your scans. No longer are you tethered to one computer. Have colleagues connect to the secure wireless network to grab the scans. Use AmbirScan Mobile to upload to shared Google Drive folders, or email any new scan instantly, from inside the app. Contracts can be shared, and even digitally signed with an eSignature tablet like the [ink] ImageSign Pro 110.

Edit files on-the-go.

When you can transfer files instantly to your device, you can edit them wherever and whenever you choose. Merge multiple PDFs into one document or rename files instantly with AmbirScan Mobile. Or open the files in any image-editing app to provide your own notes and clarifications. They’re your files. Manage them on your time.

Whether it’s for your own personal use, in an office setting or while working with clients remotely, instant access to your scans is always preferable. When it’s as simple as AmbirScan Mobile and the MobileScan Pro 500i make it, the result is very clear: you get more done in less time. Spend less time on scanning and transfer, and more on using the crisp, clear digital images for what you need them.


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