Mobile scanning for pros on the go.

Tax prep pros and accountants sometimes have to work on the go. Meetings with clients and businesses sometimes require working on-location. And these meetings come with quite a bit of paperwork. Capture these important documents right away with the MobileScan Pro 500i, and send them to your laptop, smart phone or tablet almost instantly. Ambir has developed a custom app for both iOS and Android that syncs with the wireless capabilities of the scanner for easy transfer and sharing.


By connecting to the MobileScan Pro 500i’s built-in wireless network, AmbirScan Mobile allows for direct syncing of scanned PDF and JPEG images of standard forms and spreadsheets to your devices. Scan wirelessly with the MobileScan Pro 500i and have your scanned documents, meeting notes and business cards on your phone or tablet in literal seconds. It’s simple: you scan what you want, when you want it, and send it all exactly where you need it.

Here’s a look at AmbirScan Mobile, available in the App Store and Google Play:





AmbirScan Mobile also allows you to email your scans to colleagues, print them wirelessly on the spot, as well as send them to your preferred cloud service apps like Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote. You can also merge PDF files for multi-page documents that are easy to email.

Bring the MobileScan Pro 500i anywhere and scan up to 200 sheets between battery charges. Save the images to the included 4GB SD card or send them straight to all your devices. Email newly-signed documents to clients and customers on the spot. Push your important files straight to the cloud.

AmbirScan Mobile does it all. Because it’s a wireless network, several users can connect simultaneously, and even better, it’s all secured by a secure WPA encryption. So no one can see your files but you or your clients.

So tax pros, quit carting paper around with you wherever you go. Trade it all for the compact MobileScan Pro 500i, which fits easily in just about any
laptop bag. When life hands you paper, make high-quality PDFs.


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