Another way to scan on the go: the MobileScan Pro 100.

Last week, we told you about the MobileScan Pro 500i and how it can help tax prep pros (and really, mobile professionals in any field) to streamline their work processes. With features like rechargeable battery-powered scanning and wireless transfer to any device, it’s the most advanced mobile scanner on the market.


But Ambir offers another way to scan on the go: the MobileScan Pro 100. It’s a wand scanner that captures tough-to-scan items like textbook and magazine pages, along with large-format objects when used with AmbirScan Splice. With Splice, architects and engineers can capture large blueprints and schematics on-site. Or anyone can capture design or magazine spreads. (Or even quilting patterns.)

The true versatility of the MobileScan Pro 100 comes from its included docking station. Simply snap the wand scanner into the dock, and you have a new scanner that automatically feeds contracts, invoices, business cards and more, creating PDF and JPEG files. A full-page document takes about six seconds to scan, and you can continuously feed paper, giving you a snappy, simple way to scan.

As a wand scanner, the MobileScan Pro 100 fits in any bag, alongside your pens and flash drives. It travels well on planes, to client meeting sites, or even just around the office. Capture meeting notes at their source and keep your desk clutter-free.

Every MobileScan Pro 100 includes a 4GB microSD card, so you can take scans with you wherever you go. As a bonus, you can also encrypt the information if you’re scanning important documents like contracts or tax forms. No one will be able to access them but you.


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