Strategies for Successful Scanning

Successful service firms in the 21st Century are using distributed scanner strategies to improve workflow, enhance productivity and drive profitability By Mike O’Leary President A decade ago, the office scanner was a piece of equipment built into inexpensive desktop printers.  Or at the other end of the scale, a large-footprint flatbed device that could create … Continue reading

Another way to scan on the go: the MobileScan Pro 100.

Last week, we told you about the MobileScan Pro 500i and how it can help tax prep pros (and really, mobile professionals in any field) to streamline their work processes. With features like rechargeable battery-powered scanning and wireless transfer to any device, it’s the most advanced mobile scanner on the market. But Ambir offers another way … Continue reading

Mobile scanning for pros on the go.

Tax prep pros and accountants sometimes have to work on the go. Meetings with clients and businesses sometimes require working on-location. And these meetings come with quite a bit of paperwork. Capture these important documents right away with the MobileScan Pro 500i, and send them to your laptop, smart phone or tablet almost instantly. Ambir … Continue reading

Introducing the MobileScan Pro 500i. Totally wireless scanning and transfer.

The MobileScan Pro 500i is our newest scanner, complete with an onboard display, SD storage, a rechargeable battery, and most importantly – Wi-Fi capability. That means you can gain instant access to all of your scans from all your computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s our most advanced portable scanner ever. It even has its own … Continue reading

How UltraSonic Misfeed Detection saves you time.

Tax prep professionals know the importance of getting it right – down to the smallest detail. So when neatness counts, you shouldn’t trust just any scanner with your multi-page documents. Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 900 series comes complete with a feature called Ultrasonic Misfeed Detection that stops double-feeds and skipped pages. Imagine this scenario: You’ve prepared a client’s … Continue reading

Passport and ID scanning made simple

If you’re in an industry like visitor management, hospitality, equipment rental, financial services or even gaming & nightclubs, you need clear images of ID’s and passports, fast. The ImageScan Pro 580id gives you just that – using on-board ARM-based CPU and camera technology, you get the fastest ID card and passport imaging available, at 2 … Continue reading

Card scanners or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Ditch the Copier

If you own or work at a medical practice, chances are you’ve got a point of admissions area or reception desk. Hopefully, you’ve hired a friendly face who greets patients and clients with a smile and helpful expediency. They make them feel at ease. Maybe they offer coffee and a welcoming assurance that someone will … Continue reading

Connect with Ambir and finally get organized.

The ImageScan Pro 820i is a super-quick, portable scanning machine. We thought we’d show what it can do in just six seconds. Imagine what its 50-page capacity and snappy 20-page-per-minute scan speed can do for your productivity over time. Check out Ambir Technology on Vine, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook today! We’re always posting tips, tutorials and … Continue reading

Collecting patient information: Three things we’ve learned

In today’s electronic healthcare world, it’s impossible to avoid the progress that comes with Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act. We’re here to make the transition from paper to digital easier with great digital imaging products. Here are three things we’ve learned from working closely with EMR companies and practices alike: Get the right scanner … Continue reading

Preparing documents for scanning

When using an ADF scanner, preparing the documents is probably the most important step before scanning. Follow these tips and you’ll be scanning piles of documents in no time flat. Be sure to remove all staples and fasteners Staples can disrupt scanning by jamming the roller system and can create strange images on your scans. … Continue reading