Customer support done right.

This is a simple story, but one that isn’t told very often: a story about a positive customer support experience. Demetrius Robinson is an Ambir customer. Quite some time ago, Demetrius purchased an Ambir scanner. It worked well for quite some time, and the purchase seemed to justify itself. But one day, something went awry, and the … Continue reading

Cleaning your Ambir scanner

Cleaning your sheetfed scanner is simple. The above video will show you, or you can follow these simple instructions. For best results, use certified Ambir cleaning materials. Open the Control Panel Select “View devices and printers” Right-click on the scanner you want to clean Click “Scan Properties” Click the “Advanced” tab Click the “Clean” button … Continue reading

Having a scanning issue? Here’s what to do.

At Ambir, we have full confidence in all of our products. But we know that sometimes, for lack of a better term, stuff happens. That’s why providing top-notch support is one of our highest priorities. Our customer service is U.S.-based, ready to use years of experience to solve your issue, and guaranteed to be friendly. … Continue reading

Brand new Ambir support page

Be sure to drop by our brand new support page and check out everything we’ve got there for Ambir users. With Video Tutorials, Product FAQs and downloadable drivers all in one place, keeping your Ambir products up to date is a snap. We’re always updating content to provide users with the most recent drivers and tips on … Continue reading

Hopelessly devoted to you (the customer).

At Ambir, we know we’re lucky to have our great customers. Unfortunately, we don’t have any chocolate or candy hearts handy, so we’ll have to make it up in other ways. That’s why we provide you with these great benefits on Valentine’s Day (and on every other day of the year). Sorry we didn’t have … Continue reading

A note to developers

We love developers. When someone takes Ambir hardware and tailor-fits it to their system, it means we’re doing something right. That’s why we offer thorough developer kits for our scanners and signature pads. When you want deep integration into your application, Ambir provides exactly what you need with comprehensive SDKs and APIs for: All sheetfed … Continue reading

We’ve got Windows 8 covered

Windows 8 is here. With a new interface and the hassles that sometimes come with migration, the last thing you need are hardware compatibility issues. The good news is, Ambir scanners will work on Windows 8 with their existing Windows 7 drivers. However, if you’re upgrading to 8 from Windows XP or Vista, we recommend … Continue reading

Great Technical Support: Our Promise

Since we began providing medical practices and businesses with top-quality imaging hardware over a decade ago, we’ve made it a point to match it with expert-level technical support. Sure, we could skimp out and say, “You’re on your own.” But that just wouldn’t be good enough. When you purchase an Ambir product, you get more … Continue reading

Need to download an Ambir driver? Here’s how.

You need a new driver for your Ambir scanner. Maybe you got a new computer. Maybe you inherited a new scanner. Whatever your reason, here’s how to do it: Step 1: Head to Step 2: Click “Support”. Step 3: Select your device from the scanners pictured. If you don’t see your scanner, continue to … Continue reading

Scanner Calibration 101

Your scanner has put in years of hard work. It handles everything you run through it – not only reams and reams of paper, but insurance and credit cards with embossed characters, too. And it does it all without complaint. So why are you getting black streaks down all your scans, all of the sudden? … Continue reading