Preparing documents for scanning

When using an ADF scanner, preparing the documents is probably the most important step before scanning. Follow these tips and you’ll be scanning piles of documents in no time flat. Be sure to remove all staples and fasteners Staples can disrupt scanning by jamming the roller system and can create strange images on your scans. … Continue reading

Signing a QuickBooks Invoice with the ImageSign Pro

  Signing QuickBooks invoices is simple with the Ambir ImageSign Pro eSignature series and signoSign 2 signature management software.   Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to sign instantly.     For more information, please visit, send an email to or call us at 800.915.9930.

More Maintenance: Replacing Feed Pads

Replacing the feed pad on your ImageScan Pro 820i isn’t hard. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions, and check out Ambir’s Support Section, complete with more video tutorials here.

Scanner Maintenance: Replacing the Feed Roller

Replacing the feed roller on your ImageScan Pro 900 Series is easy with these step-by-step instructions. Get replacement rollers here and be sure to check out the rest of our tutorial videos at Ambir Support.

Document Spring Cleaning: How to Finally Get Organized

Spring is here, and it’s time to clean. But just because you’ve vacuumed the carpets and emptied the trash doesn’t mean you’re finished. No, you’re not done until everything is tidy. And that includes your home or office’s paper records. With one scanner and a computer, you can revolutionize the way your small business runs … Continue reading

Cleaning your Ambir scanner

Cleaning your sheetfed scanner is simple. The above video will show you, or you can follow these simple instructions. For best results, use certified Ambir cleaning materials. Open the Control Panel Select “View devices and printers” Right-click on the scanner you want to clean Click “Scan Properties” Click the “Advanced” tab Click the “Clean” button … Continue reading

Brand new Ambir support page

Be sure to drop by our brand new support page and check out everything we’ve got there for Ambir users. With Video Tutorials, Product FAQs and downloadable drivers all in one place, keeping your Ambir products up to date is a snap. We’re always updating content to provide users with the most recent drivers and tips on … Continue reading

Video: Calibrating a Duplex Sheetfed Scanner

Calibrating your scanner is simple. These video instructions will work for many TWAIN models, which includes all Ambir scanners that require calibration. If you don’t have your calibration sheet, you can also use a blank, white sheet of paper. The brighter, the better. A white-only calibration is not as accurate, but it will solve many … Continue reading

Video: Calibrating a Sheetfed Scanner

Calibrating your simplex sheetfed scanner is simple. Just follow this simple video tutorial. It works with many TWAIN-compliant scanners. And remember, you can find many answers to your questions at Ambir’s instructional video library.

Video Quick Tip: Transforming the MobileScan Pro 100

Transforming the MobileScan Pro 100 is easy. Here’s how.