How UltraSonic Misfeed Detection saves you time.

Tax prep professionals know the importance of getting it right – down to the smallest detail. So when neatness counts, you shouldn’t trust just any scanner with your multi-page documents. Ambir’s ImageScan Pro 900 series comes complete with a feature called Ultrasonic Misfeed Detection that stops double-feeds and skipped pages. Imagine this scenario: You’ve prepared a client’s … Continue reading

Connect with Ambir and finally get organized.

The ImageScan Pro 820i is a super-quick, portable scanning machine. We thought we’d show what it can do in just six seconds. Imagine what its 50-page capacity and snappy 20-page-per-minute scan speed can do for your productivity over time. Check out Ambir Technology on Vine, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook today! We’re always posting tips, tutorials and … Continue reading

Scanning the field: Finding the imaging device for you

You need to scan documents. Or photos or business cards or receipts. That’s easy. Lots of devices that can do that. But which scanner is right for you? The good news is, it won’t be hard to figure out. There are a few key questions to ask: -What will you be scanning? -How much of … Continue reading